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The OptiFLOW is a patented self-regulating water delivery system with a recirculating design that provides a constant flow of fresh water through the drinking system.


OptiFLOW is a patented self-regulating water delivery system built on the principle of using the force of gravity to create a siphon effect within the drinker system. This means pressure and flow can be easily adjusted from a single location without the use of regulators on each drinker line. By incorporating a pump, the system can generate a constant recirculation of water through the drinker lines.

With this constant flow of water comes many potential advantages, such as reduction in bio-film, consistent water temperature through the system, and a reduced need for flushing.

The overall goal of OptiFLOW is to offer a system that results in increased bird weight through higher water consumption while making management of the system easier for the grower.


  • Recirculation of water promotes conditions that inhibit bio-film growth with less chemical treatment and creates more evenly distributed water temperature through the lines

  • Single point adjustment facilitates pressure changes through all drinker lines quickly and consistently and enables flushing capabilities through the entire drinker system

  • Electronic control of water pressure allows a consistent water column to be maintained in all drinker lines, even under varying or demanding conditions, without the need for individual line regulators

  • Reduced flow restrictions throughout the drinker system allows for higher flow rates and minimized pressure losses while enhancing the performance of mechanical water treatments devices such as ultrasonic transducers

  • Chemical injection port provided in the water distribution panel provides a near “zero” pressure head for chemical injectors to overcome, potentially simplifying and extending the life of chemical treatment systems

OptiFlow is a New and Improved Version of the Gravity Plus System (GPS)

OptiFLOW improves on Gravity Plus by replacing the large hoisted tank level controls with a smarter and more space conscious solution, utilizing a digital controller that drives a proportional metering valve with real-time feedback from a high-resolution pressure transducer. These components allow for automatic control of water column through all drinker lines in an easier to use system.

The water recirculation capability is enabled through the simple press of a button on the digital controller to drive operation of the pump, creating continuous flow through the drinker lines with no water wasted to drain.  All recirculated water is returned back to the supply trunk where it is continuously recycled through the system.

The OptiFLOW digital controller gives the user both control and feedback of the water pressure in the drinker system.  Line pressure is easily adjusted throughout the house from a simple to read display and single control knob. Combined with the new recirculation capabilities, and the ability to perform a full system flush at the flip of a switch, the new digital controller in the enhanced OptiFLOW watering system is all that’s needed to take control of your drinker lines.




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