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The OptiFLOW is a patented self-regulating water delivery system with a recirculating design that provides a constant flow of fresh water through the drinking system.

Overall Benefit of the System

Patented design:

The patented self-regulating water delivery system with recirculation capability leads to increased water consumption, resulting in increased bird weight and reduced maintenance.

Constant water circulation:

With a constant flow of fresh water, the OptiFLOW will save you time, and birds are drawn to the drinkers by the sound of water flowing through the drinker line.

No flushing and consistent pressure:

OptiFLOW is a water delivery system designed around a reticulating principle, which eliminates the need for flushing waterlines, and regulators for each waterline. 

System Advantages/Benefits

  • Recirculation of water promotes conditions that inhibit bio-film growth with less chemical treatment and creates more evenly distributed water temperature through the lines
  • Single point adjustment facilitates pressure changes through all drinker lines quickly and consistently and enables flushing capabilities through the entire drinker system
  • Electronic control of water pressure maintains a consistent water column in all drinker lines, even under varying or demanding conditions, all without the need of individual line regulators
  • Reduced flow restrictions throughout the drinker system allows for higher flow rates and minimized pressure losses while enhancing the performance of mechanical water treatments devices such as ultrasonic transducers

  • Chemical injection port provided in the water distribution panel provides a near “zero” pressure head for chemical injectors to overcome, potentially simplifying and extending the life of chemical treatment systems

Improvements to Original GPS System

As part of the continuous improvement of the original Gravity Plus System (GPS), Lubing USA has introduced a proportional valve and pressure transducer to replace the tank reservoir, and added a recirculating pump for continuous water flow throughout the system. 

Real-time pressure feedback from the transducer is used as the primary sensor input to a PID control loop, which opens and closes the proportional valve as needed to track to the system’s pressure setpoint. 

OptiFLOW maintains pressure in the system while running continuous water flow via the recirculation pump, and is able to maintain consistent pressure when drinking demand increases on the system, and when changes to the water column setpoint are made in real time.


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