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LUBING Fogging Systems use the principle of direct evaporative cooling for temperature reduction and humidification of the ambient air, providing a significant contribution to optimal growth conditions. 



The LUBING top climate system was developed for effective cooling, humidification and cleaning of the house air and has a direct positive effect on animal welfare. It works according to the principle of direct evaporative cooling. With a uniquely high system pressure of 1015 psi (70 bar) and special high pressure nozzles, the water is discharged as a 5 micron droplet, to provide direct evaporative cooling. The immediate evaporation extracts thermal energy from the house air and cools the ambient air and regulates the house climate.


  • 1015 psi (70 bar) water pressure: fast, effective cooling in the house without wetness

  • Increase of air humidity to any desired value (greatest comfort between 60 and 70% relative humidity)

  • Effective dust binding: positive influence on the respiratory organs of the animals

  • Less ventilation necessary: energy saving

  • Uniform, regulated climate: active, healthy animals, constant laying performance for laying hens even in summer

  • Active influence on animal welfare: better feed conversion, reduction of aggression, natural animal behavior, less use of medication

  • Additional use of the system for soaking and disinfection

  • Possibility of connection to LUBING control systems or other climate computers

  • Fully automatic operation also of several houses with only one pump unit possible

  • Compatible with all common ventilation systems


Filter unit

  • Central filter unit also with medicine dosing unit

  • For spraying of active solutions (prevention/healing of respiratory diseases)

Pump unit D-Line

  • Pump unit with direct drive

  • Supply of several houses with one pump unit possible

Touch Controller

  • Interactive controller for control and monitoring of the pump unit

  • Easy operation via touch screen

Cutting Ring Fitting

  • Stainless steel cutting ring coupling for safe connection of the nozzle line

Press Fix

  • Stainless steel pressfit connection – push on, press, done

  • Simple, safe and durable connection

Nozzle Line with Nozzle

  • Nozzle line with brass nozzle part 7340.

  • Stainless steel pipe with welded adapter and plastic pipe clips



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