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Over 3 billion birds drink from a LUBING system every day.


Nipple watering systems for Rearing Layer Pullets are essential for achieving optimum bird growth. The unique design of LUBING nipples offers the precise movement of the triggering pin that is critical during the first stages of a chick’s life. The soft 360 degree triggering of young birds allows smaller volumes of water to be delivered while the more aggressive triggering of older birds allows larger volumes of water to be delivered.

This precise water delivery feature allows the birds to consume the necessary amount of water that is critical to achieve peak performance in rearing pullets.


Designed to meet the physical needs of the birds by delivering the exact amount of water necessary for optimum egg numbers. By means of the multi-stage metering pin, birds are able to consume the desired amount of water by triggering the flow pin.

The higher the pin is activated the larger the volume of water is released. The ability of LUBING nipples to effectively satisfy the watering needs of layers in production is the key to achieving peak performance and maximizing the return on investment.


  • 360º side action triggering – Our broiler nipples offer easy triggering and get day-old birds off to the best start.

  • Ideal Flow – The ideal water flow of the nipple results in optimum performance at every age and improved litter conditions.

  • One Nipple from Start to Finish – Birds are raised on the same nipple that they will use for egg production.

  • Adaptable to all layer housing designs – Our layer nipple systems are custom designed to fit any style housing system for pullet and layer production.

  • Trouble-free performance – All metal components are manufactured with precision machined stainless steel and DO NOT require O-rings, seals or steel balls.

  • Raised water entry point – The nipple’s raised water entry point inside the water pipe eliminates the possibility of sediments from entering the nipple.

  • 20 micron test – Unlike competitors’ systems, LUBING Nipples reduce risk of blocking water flow by allowing particles up to 20 microns to pass through nipples.



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