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The steep conveyor makes it possible to overcome large elevation differences with limited horizontal space. The steep conveyor is an ideal solution when elevation angles exceed 28º. The conveyor chain with plastic tab elements is the core of the conveyor and enables inclines or declines of up to 60°.

All components have been derived from our curve conveyor system and have been specially developed to meet the needs of farms with floor or aviary housing. The well-known and proven standard elements such as drives, bends, pivoting units, and intermediate drives for large conveyor sections can all be integrated without transfer points.


  • System supports gradients or inclines for up to 60°

  • Designed for gentle egg handling throughout the length of the system

  • Compatible with all LUBING curved conveyor elements

  • Modular in construction and engineered specific to your farm

  • All sections and components arrive at your farm pre-assembled

  • The replaceable tab elements made of high-quality plastic ensure the safe position of all egg sizes in the transition from level to slope


Pivoting Unit Incline

  • Adjustable angle up to 50° gradient

  • Flexible and continuously adjustable side plates

Pivoting Unit Decline

  • Adjustable angle up to 50° slope

  • Flexible and continuously adjustable side plates

Slope Segment Descend 60°

  • Fixed preset unit for 60° gradient
  • Tab elements required (will reduce egg flow by approximately 50%)

Slope Segment Ascent 60°

  • Fixed preset unit for 60° slope
  • Tab elements required (will reduce egg flow by approximately 50%)

Trampoline Transfer

  • Special net for transfer into the steep conveyor chain
  • Flexible, soft transfer for maximum gentle egg handling

End Units

  • Simple and safe deflection of the conveyor chain at the end of the line
  • Special deflection rollers for highest functional reliability


  • Flexible curve guidance
  • All angles from 5° to 180° possible

Connecting Parts

  • Available in 1-meter, 2 -meter and 3-meter lengths
  • Can be customized to suit your needs

Mini Drives

  • Mini drive utilizes ½ HP motor
  • Integrated take-up element for correct chain tensioning
  • Includes transfer plate




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